Book a Hotel in Calvados with jacuzzi for a successful week end

The hotel le Lion d'Or in Pont l'Evêquemet does everything possible to seduce you during a short stay or your summer vacations. This hotel in Calvados with jacuzzi promises a moment of relaxation and well-being in an exceptional setting.

Spa and relaxation at the Lion d'Or, a Hotel in Calvados with jacuzzi hammam and massages.

Le Lion d'Or formidable hotel of Calvados with jacuzzi is a 3 star hotel located in Pont L'Evêque. The Spa is installed on 250 m², you will live exceptional moments of relaxation thanks to numerous facilities designed for comfort, well-being and allowing you to recharge your batteries. Ô Spa, that's its name, is above all an atmosphere, made of the charm of wood, stone and marble. You will feel out of time while enjoying the sauna or the hammam. You will come out of these moments relaxed in the hands of a facial and body care specialist. You will even experience cryotherapy, which consists of spending 2 to 3 minutes in a chamber where the temperature drops below -100°. An incredibly invigorating and invigorating experience that is no longer reserved for high-level athletes today. But the Spa is not the apotheosis of well-being at Le Lion d'Or, this 3-star hotel located in Calvados with jacuzzi . Indeed, it is at its peak with the 3 Suites of the establishment, each of which has a private Jacuzzi in the room. There is no better way to relax than to enjoy a romantic moment in the whirl of the jacuzzi.

A hotel with Spa for a relaxing weekend near Honfleur and Deauville

Le Lion d'Or is a historic hotel located at the entrance of Pont L'Evêque, in Normandy. It would be a shame to reduce this beautiful establishment to a spa and jacuzzi, as prestigious as these facilities may be. That's why during your stay in this Calvados hotel with jacuzzi, you will also like to take the time to settle down at the table of the Ô Restaurant, the Norman table of the place. You will inevitably enjoy the opportunities for walks in the region, with towns like Deauville and Honfleur in mind, but the Côte Fleurie and the Pays d'Auge hide other wonders. Your hotel in Calvados with jacuzzi is also the pleasure of a beautiful room, fitted out with all the modern comfort but without hiding the roots of this establishment, a 19th century post office relay of which you can find many traces everywhere. In addition to the comfort and the modern equipment of the Rooms and Suites, you will appreciate to take advantage of the wifi, a free parking for the car, to have a drink at the bar while consulting the regional daily press or the luggage service. Professionals on business trips will be satisfied with rooms dedicated to their activities.

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