The Lion D’Or’s action against the climate change

The Lion D’or and it’s team feels very concerned about environmental problems as it can be seen in the numerous acts that aim to reduce the environmental impact of the business on it’s environment

First, our chef since the opening of our restaurant, is offering you a seasonal menu. This beside increasing the quality of the products in your plate, reduce the journey of the food from the field to your table. furthermore, Aline makes for the employees a variety of meals “zero waste” from a hachi Parmentier to the pizza every meal is a reason to avoid some wasting food.

On top of that we recently hired 60 000 employees entirely dedicated to make our region a bit more flourish. Indeed, we installed 6 beehives outside of the lion d’or and in the garden of the Villa Bottentuit, you can now see them work in our flowerbeds!

Another place where you can see our different actions to reduce our impact on our environment, the breakfast buffet: dried fruits, jam and apple compote in jars, the orange juice press or the cheese and ham platter. Here is multitude of choices made to reduce the quantity of wrapping for the food.

Also, a capital challenge in our field is preservation of water as tourism is a naturally consuming a lot of water. For this reason, we are particularly carful about our consumption of water this is illustrated by the fact that we are watering plants with rain collected on our roof or the well in the villa Bottentuit. Moreover, toilet flush, taps, shower head and plumbing in general has been recently changed so we can, with your help reduce furthermore the water consumption.

The final issue that we are working on since a long time but is particularly actual is the one of the energies. Obviously the simplest and more efficient actions were put in place first like the installation of LED lighting with a low consumption in electricity, or a luminosity detector to adapt the outside lighting to the natural light. The creation of time slots for the SPA to turn the equipment off when the spa is not used. The we invested in equipment that are more energetically efficient like a cold room to replace the refrigerated cabinets, or a low energy consumption washing machine and dryer. Finally, we are still working on projects to reduce furthermore the carbon foot print of the hotel in collaboration with ADEM and Logis De France.

All these actions have a real impact as we can notice that the consumption of electricity and Gaz decreased significantly between 2019 and 2022 while the occupation rate of the hotel raised on this period.

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